How to Vote in Lumpkin County

2020 is a big year for elections. Every four years, US citizens vote for the President. In 2020, they will also vote for multiple seats in the US Senate, all seats in the US House of Representatives, and various local elections.

To be a leader in a diverse and global society, we must do our civic duty and vote. Even more important is to be an informed voter, so before heading to the polls, be sure to look up each candidate and the issues they support. We’ve collected the resources below to help you decide what issues are important to you.

2020 Elections in Lumpkin County

TuesdayJune 9Presidential Preference Primary/Special Election
General Primary/Nonpartisan General

Primaries take place during the first half of 2020. The purpose of a primary is to help narrow the field of presidential candidates. Georgia was originally due to vote on Tuesday, March 24, but due to COVID-19, Georgia is one of many states postponing the election date. Georgia will now vote for their Presidential Preference in the June 9 vote.

Georgia does not require voters to register by party. However, to vote in the primary election, you must choose a Democratic or Republication ballot to have the presidential candidates on the ballot.

This election is where you will vote for local candidates for positions on the Board of Education, the Board of Commissioners, sheriff, multiple judicial offices, tax commissioner, coroner, and surveyor. You will also vote for your representatives in the 9th District House seat and the 9th District Congressional seat.

This election was original set for March 24, then May 19, but was moved to June 9 due to the current health crisis. Registered Georgia voters should have received an absentee-mail ballot request from the Secretary of State. These forms list the May 19 date but will automatically be valid for the June 9 date.

TuesdayAugust 11General Primary/Nonpartisan General Runoff

The runoff vote on August 11 (originally July 21) is a follow up to the previous election. During a runoff vote, you must vote for the same party you did in the primary. If you didn’t vote in the primary, or you voted nonpartisan, you may still participate in the runoff and are eligible to vote for either party.

TuesdayNovember 3General Election

November 3 is when we cast our final vote for the President. To win the presidential election, a candidate must win a majority of the electoral vote—270 votes out of 538.

Other Key Dates

  • May 11: Voter registration deadline for primary election
  • May 18: In-person early voting begins for primary election
  • Oct. 5: Voter registration deadline for general election
  • Oct. 12: In-person early voting begins for general election
  • Dec. 1: Runoff for state and local races
  • Jan. 5: Runoff for federal races

Am I Registered to Vote?

You can register to vote online, through the mail, or in-person. To verify your voter registration status, visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page. Once you log in, you will see all of your voter information, including your polling location and hours. You can also review district maps and request an absentee ballot through the My Voter Page.

Where to Vote in Lumpkin County

Lumpkin County only has one polling location: the Parks and Rec Community Center. Polling hours are 7 am to 7 pm. Once you are in line, you must be allowed to vote, even if the polling location closes while you are still in line. So far, no announcements have been made regarding COVID-19 and in-person voting in Lumpkin County.

A roll of stickers that say "I Voted" in red, white, and blue.

LC (Park & Rec) Community Center
365 Riley Rd
Dahlonega, GA, 30533

You can also vote absentee by mail in Georgia. You must submit an absentee ballot for each election you want to vote remotely in unless you are over 65, disabled, or a UOCAVA voter. Registered Georgia voters should have received an absentee-mail ballot request from the Secretary of State for the Presidential Preference Primary. You can complete this form and return it to the address already listed to apply for your absentee ballot.

For each election, you can view a sample ballot which can be found on your My Voter Page or at Lumpkin County’s election website.

Learning about my Candidates

In the world of mass media, where a news station is often more entertainment than news, it’s important to review sources that are unbiased and support accurate reporting. Most candidates will create a website where you can review what issues they support. In addition, you can look up information about candidates, issues, and ballot initiatives that are unique to your local region.

Here are some verified sources you can consult about the elections. (Though it’s important to remember that all media sources have some bias.)

The UNG Political Science Student Association has prepared a Student Voter’s Guide for the 2020 Primary. This guide contains candidate information on the top four issues from a recent survey of UNG students. You can access this guide in two different formats:

Student Voter’s Guide (Booklet PDF)

Student Voter’s Guide (Digital and Print PDF)

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Apr 21, 2020: Updated to reflect date changes. “Georgia primary delayed again to June 9 during coronavirus emergency.” AJC. Apr 9, 2020.

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