Dahlonega Literary Festival 2020: Bringing a Children’s Book to Life

The first weekend of March each year, Dahlonega comes to life as bookworms across the southeast come to visit. The Dahlonega Literary Festival, first held in 2004, brings together authors and readers across the South to share their love of books.

The UNG Press hosted a panel this year, titled “Bringing a Children’s Book to Life.” Author Chris Jespersen and illustrator Josie Toney spoke about their picture book, Georgia ABC’s, and the nontraditional partnership they had while working on the book. Audience members loved Jespersen and Toney’s upbeat nature—always a welcome relief at a morning conference panel—and proved how children’s books captivate people beyond their intended audience.

Featured and regional authors included Bill and Carolyn Curry, Megan Lucas, Latina S. McIntyre, and local author Mab Morris. This year’s festival also featured an edible book contest, where entrants created a dish based on a book. Kid lit was especially represented here, with Madeline, Anne Shirley, and Green Eggs and Ham all making an appearance.

The Dahlonega Literary Festival is always a joy to attend. The all-volunteer staff puts their hearts into the Festival and each year is more fun than the last. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s Festival on March 5–6. Will we see you there?

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  1. Why wait until March 5th and 6th? If you want to get involved with the DLF, please send an email to join our Steering Committee or one of our working committee, or to volunteer at the Festival. It’s fun to work with others who love reading and writing.

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