Why I Give – Dr. Bryson Payne

Dr. Bryson Payne stands outside near the drill field on the Dahlonega campus

by Bobbi Larson, Development Officer

At the University of North Georgia, we greatly appreciate the donations that are made to the Mike Cottrell College of Business. We had the chance to ask one of our very own Computer Science professors, Dr. Bryson Payne, why he gives to the University of North Georgia’s Mike Cottrell College of Business.

Bryson Payne gives to the Computer Science Department Fund to support student organizations like the Programming and Cyber Competition Teams, and to give the department the flexibility to support student research and presentations at conferences. He says that even a few dollars a month, from several faculty members each month, can support a student’s travel to speak publicly and present a paper or poster at a regional conference. The funds can also fund travel to a programming or cyber security contest and so much more.

Professor Payne hopes that, through his donations and the donations of others, students will be able to get involved in extracurricular and research activities as undergraduates. This will allow them to differentiate themselves from students at other institutions. He says that UNG is one of the very few institutions with active support for undergraduate research. He believes that our students benefit from these team activities like programming and cyber competitions by being able to build their resumes as well as gaining real life experience.

Giving to the University of North Georgia and the Mike Cottrell College of Business does not have to be an outrageous donation. Bryson Payne says that whether you donate $10 per month or aim to have your name on the UNG Donor Wall someday, you can support students in your major and the outstanding opportunities for involvement UNG provides by filling out the annual form. The automatic deduction for faculty and staff is easy, painless and it adds up over time. Professor Payne enjoys the flexibility he has in supporting student programs, knowing his donation is tax deductible, and seeing the impact that a small amount of funding can make in helping students feel valued for their contribution to research and competitive activities in computer science and cyber security.

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