Why Get an MBA Degree?

You took a grueling four (or five) years filled with blood (all the paper cuts I suppose), sweat, and tears to earn your business undergraduate degree. So why would you want to go to school for an extra year to two years to get your masters?

First off, let’s figure out what an MBA degree is so that we know what we’re in for. An MBA degree (or Master of Business Administration) includes an education in various areas of business such as finance, accounting, management, marketing, operations, human resources, statistics, and related elective courses. Many MBA programs are designed to expose students to discussion of concepts along with application of those concepts through experience.

So why get an MBA degree?

People lean towards the idea that going to graduate school is just a glorified undergraduate degree, and deem it unworthy of their time. However, MBA graduates have an array of advantages such as learning the ins and outs of a company, getting plugged into a huge business network, higher salary, more job opportunities and career advancements, better job security and the ability to start a new business or help an existing one continue to grow. In addition, they gain more experience in emerging fields that may not be covered in the business fundamental courses of an undergraduate business degree.

Getting an MBA is not a requirement, and therefore you stand out in the job marketplace when you have one. An MBA proves that you are willing to go the extra mile to further your leadership and management skills. In addition, it gives you the chance to contemplate relevant business issues along with making you think outside your world and focus on the global economy.

So now that you have been informed about what an MBA degree is and why you should get one, the next question is whether or not you should pursue an accredited MBA. Here’s a helpful link to why you should get an accredited MBA: http://blog.ung.edu/mba/should-i-get-an-accredited-mba/