What Will I Learn While Earning an MBA?

As we host Information Sessions for North Georgia’s MBA program at the University Center, we find that prospective students ask one question most often: What will I learn in the program?

The answer to that question requires far more than just a list of classes and study topics. Instead, think about what you’ll learn (and, more importantly, how you’ll use it) in terms of three over-arching concepts: Leadership, Teamwork and Global Perspective.

We’re not just teaching concepts. We’re teaching you how to learn new skills and continue to develop yourself as a business leader throughout your career, not just the 20 short months you’re at the University Center.


You don’t become a great leader just by reading a book. You need practice. You need to see first-hand how your actions impact others. You need to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. You need to witness leadership that works and adapt those ideas into your own personal leadership style.

Our curriculum provides constant opportunities to explore and practice leadership. You’ll participate in dinner-and-dialogue sessions with seasoned executives to learn what has (and hasn’t) worked in their career, their company and their industry. You’ll participate in mentoring sessions and coaching seminars to learn new techniques and receive feedback on your leadership performance.


No one person can achieve success all by themselves. Everyone has a team – whether it’s employees, volunteers, or something as simple as a friend supporting your efforts and encouraging you.

At North Georgia, you’ll learn first-hand how to be a good team member, as well as a good team leader. You’ll practice teamwork in physical activities such as high- and low-ropes courses. You’ll also participate in simulations. Most importantly, you’ll work on projects throughout the curriculum that must be completed and delivered as a team.

Global Perspective

Even small companies operate globally these days. Whether they import raw materials from suppliers or export finished products overseas, or even compete in local markets with global firms, businesses need to understand global concepts in order to succeed.

Our MBA program includes opportunities to study business abroad – particularly in China. For those students that choose to stay close to home, our curriculum also includes global business cases and challenges to analyze. Several courses in the program also include global simulation exercises.

What Do You Want to Learn?

You also have an opportunity to tailor your own curriculum through a variety of electives offered in the summer semesters. So, if your focus is on becoming a CPA, you’ll have a selection of accounting courses that will qualify you to sit for the CPA exam. If you’re focusing on leadership to advance your career, you can choose courses that strengthen your expertise in organizational behavior, creativity, and management.

So, what will you learn when you earn a North Georgia MBA?

Only you can decide, but we can help you get started. Register for an upcoming Information Session at NorthGeorgia.edu/mba.


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