What Does Getting Your MBA and the Release of Stranger Things Season Two Have in Common?

The Hawkins gang is back at it again with the release of Stranger Things Season Two! As if fighting against a Demogorgon wasn’t enough, the tag team of misfits is about to encounter a darkness bigger than anything they could’ve imagined.

Similar to the characters of Stranger Things, many students have just defeated their own Demogorgon… their undergraduate degree. Defeating this monster has put your world at peace, but we know that there’s always something new around the corner. This new mystery looming in the horizon is none other than the task of pursuing a MBA. So how is getting an MBA like Stranger Things Season Two? We came up with 4 reasons listed below:

  1. The Hype

We all know we have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the release of Stranger Things Season Two ever since we most likely watched the whole first season in a matter of a day. Just like the hype of this new season, there’s a hype around pursuing your MBA degree right after you graduate. People are buzzing about taking the GMAT or GRE along with filing out applications for graduate schools, family members are asking you what your plans are post graduation, and every MBA school wants you to enroll in their program. But, don’t be too excited. A number of MBAs require or recommend that you have some business experience before you start. Consider your career the first season of Stranger Things. You won’t understand our obsession with waffles if you haven’t seen it. Same here: you won’t be really ready for your MBA until you’ve had some business experience.

  1. It’s something completely unknown

There is an eerie darkness hovering over Hawkins, Indiana that came from a world that is turned uʍop ǝpısdn. No one knows what it is or how to fight it, which sounds a lot like the spiritual level of a post undergraduate student. Getting your MBA can be scary. You may be asking yourself questions like: How can I afford a MBA? (because realistically, they can be pretty expensive), Can I handle a job while also going to school?, Is it really worth all the extra work if I could just climb the ladder in my career?, etc… The truth is, only you can decide if it’s worth pursuing an MBA for your personal career. We could show you all the facts about salary increases, job opportunities, and benefits of pursuing an MBA (and how UNG has the lowest student debt load in the country), but only you can make that decision.

  1. Old friends and new friends

As seen in the Stranger Things Season Two trailer, there are a couple of new faces within the Hawkins gang. New friends mean new opportunities, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave old friends behind. We saw in the trailer where Eleven will be making a return in Season Two and we are still waiting for the return of Barb! (#JusticeForBarb) Sometimes people in your business cohort go to the same graduate school as you, but often times you get the chance to meet new people which means you aren’t alone in fighting the forces of the uʍop ǝpısdn. Networking is key when pursuing your MBA so take advantage of the opportunity to get to know new people. It’s better to get through it together than to try and do it alone.

  1. You have to be brave

Just like Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Nancy, Jonathan, and Eleven were willing to fight the Demogorgon to rescue their friend Will in Season One, they are proving to be just as brave in fighting a monster that’s trying to turn the whole world uʍop ǝpısdn. It may seem pretty scary at first when you’re going after your MBA, but that beast will be conquered! It’s only for a season (literally and figuratively) that you go through getting your MBA, so don’t get too bogged down in thinking that it’s an impossible feat.


So if you were on the fence about pursuing an MBA hopefully you have been encouraged to go ahead and begin that journey. There’s definitely a hype to getting your MBA as soon as you have your undergraduate degree, but we know it can be a scary unknown for most people. So be sure and confident in your pursuit of an MBA because it’s not for the faint of heart. Overall, don’t stress too much over the unknown of post graduation, we are sure that stranger things have happened to you and that you are ready for whatever lies on the road ahead.

Some of you may have already binge watched the entire season starting at midnight last night, but if you haven’t had the chance yet, go do it now! What are you waiting for?! Demogorgons (or worse, like a Thessalhydra) are waiting…