Weather Channel Executive Visits Campus

Shirley Powell of The Weather Channel Cos. will speak at North Georgia College & State University on Sept. 6 to begin the fourth annual 2012 Cottrell Speaker Series, hosted by the Mike Cottrell School of Business.

As executive vice president of corporate communications, Powell has oversight of all internal and external public relations and communications strategies for The Weather Channel network and its digital properties. Powell, a member of the senior executive team, provides communications counsel on a broad range of business issues and initiatives while also serving as chief spokesperson for the company. With more than 20 years in the media industry, Powell’s knowledge and extensive experience play a critical role in delivering the company’s message to key constituencies. She has also served in senior roles for Turner Broadcasting System, NBC , Disney, and Nickelodeon.

Powell will discuss jobs, and the process of getting one in today’s job market. As a critical component of that process, she will discuss the role of PIE—performance, image and exposure—and other lessons she has learned throughout her career.

“Formal criteria may get you consideration, but it’s the informal criteria that get you selected,” Powell said.

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