UNG AMA invites Focus Brands Marketing Director to speak

The University of North Georgia chapter of the American Marketing Association is an organization on the UNG campus that is centered on building business professionals that will be stronger graduates who create stronger communities wherever they embark.

“We believe that the AMA is not limited to just marketing students because to be successful, every student, whether finance or nursing, has to know how to market themselves as a professional in the real world.” –Mary Norman, AMA faculty representative and lecturer of Marketing, UNG

At their most recent meeting the club had Brittney Williams, Director of Marketing for Global Channels with Focus Brands, come and speak about successful career path. Williams graduated with a B.S. Communication Studies, Public Relations from Liberty University and began her career as an intern within the U.S. House of Representatives. Since her experience in D.C., Williams has been involved in various positions with notable companies such as: the Home Depot, PureRed|Ferrara, Coca-Cola, Hilton Worldwide, and currently Focus Brands Inc.

Williams’s experience within the corporate and agency sides of marketing has given her a well-rounded perspective on the overall aspects of marketing within different environments, “By having experience at the corporate level and within ad agencies I have realized that every job presents a unique opportunity. Within the different environments I always ask myself is: what can I learn while at this company?” Williams remarked.

Most people consider job hopping a less than desirable career path, but Williams explained the advantage of having various career backgrounds in developing a successful profession. “Your life will take you in so many different directions so it’s important to learn what you can in your present opportunities so that later you are able to connect the dots and know where your passion lies. By investing in whatever job you have, you are able to discover what drives you and your success, which is what lead me to where I am today,” stated Williams.

No matter what major you chose, learning from others will make you a more marketable employee.

The University of North Georgia American Marketing Association meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm in NOC Room 017. Like their Facebook page: UNG American Marketing Association (@UNGAMA) to keep up with upcoming events and service opportunities.