UNG AMA hosts Georgia Aquarium Director of Digital Media

by Kylie Gibbs, marketing intern, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Ms. Judd speaking to the AMA
Ms. Judd speaking to the AMA

The American Marketing Association at the University of North Georgia hosted guest speaker Rosie Judd, Director of Digital Media at the Georgia Aquarium, on the topic of cause marketing at their weekly meeting last Thursday.   The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere

A medieval history major Ms. Judd isn’t exactly where she expected to be in her career. In 2003 and a year after graduating college, she took a job with AirTran Airways as a Reservations Agent. Over time, she eventually moved into a position in marketing Email and Social Media Marketing Specialist.

How did she end up in a position not using her college degree? She had grown to love marketing, not for the success, but the creation of relationships with customers.

After 8 years in travel and tourism, with additional stints at InterContinental Hotels Group and eventually Petco, Rosie decided that she wanted to do more than email marketing. She wanted to work for a company where the people were just as passionate about the product as they are the work. In 2012, she walked into an interview with The Georgia Aquarium and took a bold leap. She told them that she could guarantee 50% more visitors to the aquarium by completely revamping their website. Her spiel worked and now more than 3 years later, Rosie and her team of 3 have revolutionized their marketing communication strategy. The key to their success has been surveying through email marketing. Their biggest goals to still overcome? Making sure each year is a completely different experience for visitors, highlighting conservation initiatives and getting people to remember that they are a nonprofit. She has been responsible for creating the official “spokespenguins” of the aquarium, The Waddlesworth family.

Georgia Aquarium - The Waddlesworth Family photo

Her challenge to students: “You have to be passionate about what you’re doing or you’re not going to enjoy it.”

Find Rosie on Twitter and Instagram @marvie3grl or email her rjudd@georgiaaquarium.org

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