Undergraduates Gain Experience from Start-Up Financing to International Marketing

While students in our MBA program are required to complete a capstone project for a business organization, undergraduate students within the Mike Cottrell College of Business are encouraged to complete an internship prior to graduation. And, some of our students have taken that encouragement to the next level.

During the course of this summer, the Mike Cottrell College of Business has students in four countries, including here in the United States.

Undergraduate student Daniel Anderson is interning in Frankfurt, Germany with Celanese, an American-based chemical company in their European Marketing Headquarters. Daniel’s hope is that not only will he learn more about international marketing, but also gain cultural knowledge and, hopefully, pick up more of the German language.

Danielle Kaafarani is in Istanbul, Turkey serving as an intern with ULKER, an international conglomerate who owns a number of brands including Godiva Chocolates. From focus group studies to digital marketing, Danielle is experiencing international management and marketing first hand.

Calum McCulloch is interning in Saint Cyr Sur Loire, France with SKF, the world’s largest producer of ball bearings. He says his first challenges were with long meetings in French and the culture. “First thing in the morning, you have to go around and shake everyone’s hand and say good morning,” said McCulloch. “If you leave someone out they get offended. People show up anywhere from 8:30-9:30 [and take frequent breaks]. Coming from a job where I was there by 8 and worked till lunch and then went back to work till 5, this is a huge adjustment.”

Other students, like Candace Johnson, are serving as interns here in the United States. Candace is currently interning at ACE in Cleveland, Georgia. ACE provides commercial and micro-loans for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Candace is working in social media marketing for the organization.

If you’re interested in following the Mike Cottrell College of Business summer internship experiences, visit their blog at http://blog.ung.edu/mccb-interns/.

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