Study Abroad and You

by Sam Young, marketing intern & junior marketing major, Mike Cottrell College of Business

I once read somewhere that traveling is good for the soul. Now I don’t know if it was a wise philosopher or the punch line on a Laffy Taffy wrapper, but I think that it is true regardless. Whether near or far, it is good to leave your comfort zone and explore the world around you. Traveling to different countries opens ourselves up to new experiences, develops an understanding and appreciation for other cultures, and gives us glimpse at what the world has to offer. UNG helps you gain these travel opportunities through study abroad programs offered at the school. With all of the programs they have to offer, from Peru to China, there is one for every student. Here are five benefits to studying abroad.

  1. Developing a Foreign Language

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Well going through a study abroad can help you be fluent in no time. Being in a foreign country could possibly mean being surrounded by people that don’t speak your language. You have to quickly adapt to this and learn their lingo if you are going to even find a public bathroom. It forces you to constantly be practicing in this new language and immersing yourself in a way that cannot be facilitated in a classroom. Doing this will ultimately lead you to being more proficient in conversational abilities in that language and using the language successfully in the future.

  1. Spice up Your Resume

Looking for something that will expand your resume? A study abroad could do just the trick. Participating in study abroad programs, especially for people looking into international work, can help you get the job. By going into programs that are in the area you wish to live in, you will not only gain about the country, but you will show future employers that you have a passion for the area and want to continue developing yourself through that culture. There are even programs like the London Experience that let you tour offices and companies could help you gain the upper hand in an interview.

  1. Traveling

A lot of people have an itch to travel outside of the country, and study abroad programs can satisfy them. You will have time throughout your stay to travel in or outside of the country that you are in. Programs like the five week business and culture in Italy study abroad will give you the chance to travel all around the country. This will give you the opportunity to see new sights and gives you experiences that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t participate in the study abroad program.

  1. Taking a Class

You can have your cake and eat it too. While doing all of this exciting travel, you will also be taking a classes. You will get the opportunity to be in a foreign country all while continuing to work on your degree. This will help you stay on track and immerse yourself in a new environment where you will learn more than what is to offer in the classroom. Being on a study abroad will help you learn in more ways than one and that is essential for navigating your future endeavors.

  1. Personal Growth

Living in a different country, even if for a week, can be intimidating. It’s a whole new environment with obstacles that you will have to navigate through to be comfortable. This will help you to develop self-awareness and confidence that you may not have had if you did not participate in a study abroad. Being a part of a whole new world can be satisfying and enriching for yourself through your education and in your personal growth.

Want to learn about our study abroad programs for business students? Visit our study abroad page for more information on how to start your journey today.

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