Students Seek to Destroy Asteroids in New Mobile Game

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by Nick Kastner, Marketing Manager, Mike Cottrell College of Business

What does an accountant, a musician, asteroids and programmers have in common? It seems like the start to a bad pun or joke, but in this case, it’s one of the latest startup companies to be formed out of the Mike Cottrell College of Business.

Senior computer science majors Graham Giles and Jonathan Luke, as well as friend David Dashevsky and UGA accounting graduate student Jim Daley have turned their love of mobile gaming into Sandy Dingo, LLC, a new company that is seeking to make games like Fasteroids.

“We made Fasteroids because we want to make awesome games for people,” said Jonathan Luke. “Sure, Fasteroids, is just a mobile game, but for us it represents a stepping stone towards bigger and more involved projects we want to build.”

Fasteroids is a simple but challenging arcade adventure through a deadly asteroid field. You hit gates to accelerate and increase your score while dodging asteroids and drifting through derelict space structures to avoid an inevitable collision. The team asks in their profile on the Google Play store “How fast can you go before you crash and become a greasy space meatball?”

The original idea came from UGA accounting graduate student Jim Daley and Giles and Luke completed the development and creative work. Dashevsky is credited for music and sound design.

“There’s a lot of steps involved in getting whiteboard drawings to code, and I think we’ve been able to use what we’ve learned at UNG to make those steps more manageable,” said Luke.

The game is currently available on the Google Play store and will soon be available for iPhone users.

“We want people to play Fasteroids. Our hope is that lots of people become interested in the game. We want to do this full time so we can keep making awesome stuff for mobile users.”

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