Student Spotlight: Magan Greer

During her time at UNG, Magan Greer was actively involved in many organizations, including serving as a member of Nighthawks entertainment, sophomore representative of Student Government Association, and Kappa Delta’s Vice-President of Finance. Magan credits her growth as a leader through the opportunities these organizations gave her, stating, “This leadership would not have been achieved by just reading a book or studying in a classroom.”

During her junior year, Magan discovered an internship opportunity through a fellow UNG Alumni. Shortly after, she began her internship with M3 in August 2018. As Magan continued working toward her bachelor’s degree in accounting, M3 allowed her to transition from the classroom to the workplace in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. As an intern, Magan noticed the company’s outstanding leadership and felt this opportunity allowed her to strive to see what kind of leader she can become.

In March 2019, Magan was offered a full-time accountant position at M3. Magan felt fully prepared and equipped for her new role thanks to her education at UNG. According to Magan, “This accounting degree has allowed me to be a successful accountant at M3 and has helped me achieve a good platform for studying for my MBA.”

UNG gave Magan a chance to make connections to M3 and find a company that aligned with her values. Magan explains, “If it were not for the connections through UNG, I would not have heard of this job opportunity.”