Student Spotlight: Jennifer Dye

Jennifer Dye is one of the many students who have found value in the PROS program at UNG. Through the course requirements, Jennifer gained valuable insight from industry professionals, explaining, “It was interesting to hear how they became successful, what employers expect of new hires, and what can help get you noticed as someone to promote.”

She landed an internship in Human Resources Management at Aeon Global Health in the Fall of 2018. Jennifer had responsibilities such as assisting in the onboarding and offboarding of in-house hires and independent contractors. Other tasks consisted of creating policies and procedures for the Human Resource Department, as well as updating Employee Handbook forms to align with the company‚Äôs objectives. Jennifer’s internship allowed her to hone her communication skills as she worked with the Aenon team to achieve department goals. “The office atmosphere is not something you can learn in the classroom,” Jennifer stated. Her internship fulfilled academic requirements while also giving her invaluable experience in the industry.

In the next five years, Jennifer sees herself working for a large company with growth opportunities. She hopes to find a company that allows her to sharpen a broad array of skills as she advances in her career. Jennifer would love to work for a larger company such as the United States Postal Service, Coca-Cola, Jackson EMC, or Georgia Power. She explains, “I want to learn from senior managers that can guide and teach me things that cannot be learned from working with a smaller company.” Jennifer is very grateful for the opportunity in Human Resources with Aeon Global, and hopes to continue growing her skill set in a larger company.