Student Spotlight: Hunter Crain

Hunter Crain knew that he wanted to get his MBA from UNG’s Mike Cottrell College of Business when he was offered a project management graduate assistantship with Scott Marshall. As an undergrad at UNG, Hunter had Scott’s class, and he could not pass on the opportunity to receive both an MBA and experience in the industry in which he wants to work, while working with his mentor.

While Hunter is only half-way through the program, the most beneficial project he has completed so far is the Individual Assessment and Development Plan in his Leadership and Motivation class. Hunter explains, “It was a paper that discussed who I wanted to be and how I plan to get there, centered around the compilation of advice and feedback gathered from peers and assessments completed throughout the semester. By being introspective, I was able to learn more about myself. Knowing who I am and who I want to be will continue to provide priceless guidance in my life, professionally and personally.”

As Hunter continues to discover the career path that most intersects his talents and his goals, his passions about helping people remain the same. Whether it’s a business or a nonprofit, Hunter knows that he wants to use his knowledge to make a positive impact on his community. “The Cottrell MBA program helps me realize that where I start isn’t necessarily where I will end. So while I may start my career working for a company in finance or project management, I am still ‘playing the long game’ and can use the knowledge I gain from each experience to bring myself closer to my goal of helping people through my own company.”

The Cottrell MBA program at UNG has given Hunter a chance to learn how to be successful in a modern business world, while simultaneously allowing him to extend the vision he has for his long-term goals. He states, “My most important lesson from the program so far is that if you take the time to get to know the people around you, they can be your greatest allies and most valuable assets.”