Student Spotlight: Bradlee Morgan

Being a full-time student while also working a full-time job does not seem easy, but Bradlee Morgan made it look that way. Every situation Bradlee immersed himself in allowed him to network. Bradlee connected with customers at work and professors at UNG, each leading to internships opportunities.

While tending bar during his shifts at Tupelo, Bradlee developed a relationship with a regular customer there, who also happened to be VP of operations at a company called ConnectAll. He became a mentor to Bradlee and ultimately helped him land an internship with Connectall as a Documentation Intern.

Back at school, UNG encouraged Bradlee to attend the IPP Conference in Atlanta. Bradlee networked with Mountaire at the conference, which led to a summer internship. The out-of-state placement in Delaware forced Bradlee to get out of his comfort zone. Bradlee explains, “It is definitely hard not having a support system as you do at home, but it has given me a chance to see what corporate work life is like.”

When asked what specific things Bradlee had taken away from UNG and applied to his intern positions, he did not even know where to begin. Bradlee laughed, “Oh gosh, are you a fast typer?” Anything from writing with brevity and to understanding network securities and how it interacts with applications made the list of applicable learnings. Bradlee explains, “These courses have definitely helped me understand how to write project baseline and really how coding works, so that way I can translate it to the business knowledge.”

Juggling a rigorous schedule isn’t easy, but Bradlee explains how much more he learned during his time at UNG by working full-time as a student. “Working and [managing] school has made the transition into the corporate world very easy.” Bradlee loves problem-solving. The strengths gained at UNG have helped him assess and prioritize problems while managing time and large projects.

“Everyone’s idea changes,” Bradlee responded when asked about his next steps after graduation. He knows as he progresses, his ideal career might change. However, for now, Bradlee sees himself going in the business analyst or project management direction post-graduation. A Master’s program is not entirely off the table yet either. Whatever direction he decides, Bradlee knows that what he learned at UNG will help him get there.