Student Spotlight: AMA’s Allie Costley

by Kylie Gibbs, marketing intern, Mike Cottrell College of Business
Allie Costley is a Junior Marketing major at the University of North Georgia and the current Secretary of UNG’s American Marketing Association. She was recently granted a $1,000 scholarship through her efforts in UNG’s AMA chapter. Last week we were able to interview Allie and talked to her about her involvement with AMA at UNG and how that led to her scholarship.

The American Marketing Association is a national association that includes AMA Atlanta and various other chapters on the collegiate level and beyond. Allie Costley became involved in UNG’s chapter when a friend informed her that it was no longer inactive, as it had been when she started college as a freshman in fall 2013. Since then she has taken the role as the chapter’s secretary and in January of 2016 became a member of AMA’s Atlanta Chapter. When asked why she decided to join AMA, Costley says it’s because she wanted to gain more experience in her chosen field of marketing. She also appreciated the connections and opportunities that were made available to her because of AMA. Her advice for students looking to get involved in UNG’s AMA? Take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Allie told us her favorite part of the organization is all of the opportunities to meet and network with other professionals and peers that hold similar interests. Another perk to joining AMA? The unlimited potential career options. Costley says, “If you fully submerse yourself in the opportunity provided to you through membership with the AMA, you will not have any trouble finding a promising career.”

Costley is being honored with The Ken Bernhardt Scholarship, awarded to young, aspiring marketing professionals involved with the AMA. Dr. Ken Bernhardt, whom the scholarship is named after, Bernhardt is a well-respected marketing consultant and professor at Georgia State University, with a career supported by a Ph.D. in marketing and an MBA from Harvard. Costley contributes her accomplishment to UNG’s chapter of the AMA. She says, “Through my involvement with our UNG chapter, I was introduced to Skylar Sperin, the Associate Media Manager of 360i and an AMA Atlanta volunteer. He informed me of the Ken Bernhardt Scholarship. I eagerly applied and, with the help of Mrs. Norman’s recommendation letter, was granted with the $1000 scholarship.”

She now has the opportunity to be recognized at the AMA Atlanta Collegiate Conference and the 2016 AMY Awards hosted by the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Says Allie, “This is an amazing opportunity for exposure and networking that would not have been possible without my membership with the AMA.”

Congratulations, Allie, on your award! If you’re interested in getting involved with UNG’s American Marketing Association, be sure to check out their Facebook page for weekly meeting times and other events on campus.

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