Student Honored with UNG Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The Mike Cottrell College of Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation honored UNG student Kristen Sudge for her entrepreneurship efforts Nov. 12. by recognizing her as UNG Student Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

“I’m very thankful for a school that supports and encourages small business owners and entrepreneurs,” Kristen said.

Nominees were required to have started a profit or nonprofit business of various size, purpose or industry. Kristen’s proficient skills that she utilizes on a daily basis through her business, Kristen Elise Fine Art Photography, made her the ideal candidate for the award that recognizes examples of outstanding UNG students who are making a difference in their region and beyond.

“My first photoshoot was at the age of eleven second shooting a wedding,” she said. “I have not put my camera down since. I decided to officially launch Kristen Elise Photography in 2018, and I am never looking back.”

Kristen has proven her skills by producing top level work with a wide array of businesses, organizations, and lifestyle photography. She is also able to interact well and have outstanding client relations. Kristen has proven herself by learning and implementing various communication mediums, billing tactics, and creative ideas.

“We celebrate the success of female entrepreneurs at UNG so our female students can see what can happen if they get involved in entrepreneurship at the university,” said Dr. Ruben Boling, director of UNG’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. UNG has a minor in entrepreneurship and a concentration in entrepreneurship within the management bachelor’s degree, as well as a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Kristen has been able to display her hard work through balancing life, school, an internship, and business,” stated her nomination letter. “Not only is she confident, positive, and resilient, she also volunteers her time in her community. Kristen represents the Woman UNG Entrepreneur organization well.”

She received her award through the Women Entrepreneur Panel as part of Women Entrepreneurship Week. Nominations for UNG Woman Entrepreneur of the Year are open to students and alumnae of all campuses and all years as well as former institutions of North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville State College.

On what she loves about photography, Kristen responded, “The real, raw, and genuine moments. The big belly laughs, the wedding day tears, the giddy parents holding their new born babe. Special seasons and milestones make my heart sing. I firmly believe in creating art so that families can cherish the memories and feelings from their unique and special seasons.”