Spring Update: BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership

The BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership hosts a variety of events and activities within the North Georgia community and the University of North Georgia (UNG). During the spring semester, there are a number of activities that the Center will be involved in specifically in education at the K-12 and collegiate level as well as education and training for organizations in our region.

In K-12, the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership created the Business Ethics Education (BEE) programs for high school students. BEE programs take place in both the fall and spring each semester.

“Both of our BEE programs focus on teaching students about ethical decision-making, the importance of ethical behavior and immersing students in real-world scenarios,” said Rose Procter, director of the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership.

Over 7,500 students have participated in the BEE programs. In a new program launched this spring, high school students will now have the opportunity to earn an Ethical Leadership Certificate by participating in leadership activities facilitated by Mike Cottrell College of Business staff and students at the UNG Dahlonega Campus and leadership activities at UNG’s Pine Valley Ropes Course. The first certificate program is in partnership with Hall County Schools and will be held on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

These programs can also help students complete the requirements for the GeorgiaBEST (Business Ethics Student Training) State certificate program through the Georgia Department of Labor. Throughout the spring and summer, the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership is working in partnership with the Georgia Department of Labor in developing the state-wide curriculum for the program. Over 13,000 students went through the program throughout the State of Georgia in 2017.

The Center is also involved at the collegiate level with a number of activities such as:

  • The Staff Leadership Development Program, a University-wide collaboration, is being developed in conjunction with UNG’s Human Resources Department. This program will launch in September 2018.
  • The Spirit of USG: Ethics Awareness Program is a University System of Georgia initiative across all USG institutions providing training to USG faculty and staff members. While the program is primarily visible in the fall alongside Ethics Awareness Week, this year November 11-18, 2018, the initiatives are year-round.
  • The Cadet Values Program is an ethical-decision making program specific to the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) within the UNG Corps of Cadets. The next program will be August 2018.

Beyond education, the Center has created two programs for organizations: Building Ethical Leaders (BEL): A Leadership Development Program and the Ethical Culture Indicator (ECI): A Leadership Effectiveness Tool. The BEL program is a training program used by organizations to enhance their employees’ leadership skills by gaining further insight into their own ethical behavior. Over 2,500 professionals have participated in BEL training. The ECI program, also developed through the Center, is an automated assessment that provides ethical feedback from employees in an effort to identify strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s ethical culture, to ultimately identify areas of opportunity and help drive growth.

BEL and ECI programs are scheduled for organizations upon request.

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