Small Business Management class consults with businesses during the summer

During this past summer semester in the Mike Cottrell College of Business, students taking Small Business Management (MGMT 4667) received hands-on experience consulting with small businesses in north Georgia.

In Small Business Management, students explore issues relevant to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The course focuses on practical approaches to small business operations and developing a business plan or completing fieldwork for a small business client.

“Instead of having students complete a small business plan in class over the summer, we partnered with 3 small businesses in the area,” said Dr. Elisabeth Teal, associate professor of management. ¬†“During the semester, we worked directly with these small businesses on projects that would benefit their organization and provide students hands-on small business experience.”

Justin Stephens, an undergraduate student in Dr. Teal’s class, assisted in arranging the partnership and developing the relationship with one of these businesses.

“We scheduled an initial meeting with the business so our group could gain an understanding of how they operated on a day to day basis,” said Stephens. “Our next task was to take that conversation and apply their situation to what we were learning in class.”

Justin’s group consulted with local business J.R. Crider’s. ¬†Celebrating their one year anniversary over the summer, J.R. Crider’s has become well known on campus and is building a known brand throughout the Southeast.

Stephen elaborated on their class project, discussing ways to best accomplish J.R. Crider’s mission, growth and other business opportunities.


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