Serial Entrepreneur Tarby Bryant to speak at Startup UNG meeting

Ever wondered how entrepreneurs funded their ventures IF they don’t have the cash to boot-strap the effort themselves? Join Startup UNG this week as they learn from Tarby Bryant.

Tarby Bryant is a serial entrepreneur. At the age of 7, he started his first business venture in the exportation of fireworks to GA and he continues today helping entrepreneurs raise seed and early stage capital through his Gathering of Angels monthly meetings. Bryant has a BA in economics from Davidson College, 2 years of military service as an Army Intelligence Officer in Vietnam at MACV and Tay Ninh, and an MBA in finance from Georgia State University. He has taught corporate and entrepreneurial finance in New Mexico for 8 years at 3 universities.

His Gathering of Angels evening events have found capital since founding in 1996 for over 384+ capital fundings ranging from$20,000 to $32 million. Entrepreneurs looking for capital each present for 20 minutes with PowerPoint + 2-5 minutes of Q&A. Practice sessions prior to the event are mandatory and events are typically held in Atlanta at private clubs or upscale resorts.

Bryant is also the author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Capital from Angel Investors published by Deeds Publishing. The book provides entrepreneurs the basics of presenting to angel investors as well as valuation methodologies, capital structure, management team and advisory structures and how to provide angels both exit strategies and alternatives to ensure a return of any capital invested.

Join Startup UNG on Thursday March 10th at 5 PM in the Stewart Success Center room 332 on the Dahlonega campus to hear from this prolific speaker.

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