North Georgia Supports “Gut Check” Leadership

Gut Check squad leader Lee Dickson explains procedures to Gut Check candidates. Photo credit:

Did you know that North Georgia partners with the Gainesville Jaycees each year for the Gut Check youth leadership program?

For the last 15 summers, rising eight-grade boys and their rising freshmen counselors have boarded a bus with Jaycees volunteers to North Georgia’s main campus in Dahlonega to participate in the Gut Check program. Gut Check seeks to give these young boys discipline, confidence and a strong sense of teamwork.

The program also includes a few highlights designed to be fun, while also making sure the participants understand the vital importance of paying attention. For example, participants rappel down the rock face of Mt. Yonah in Cleveland, GA, an exercise that requires absolute focus and strict attention to detail.

Learn more about the Gainesville Jaycees and Gut Check at

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