North Georgia students take on fashion world

Lauren Turner and Laine Hoke spent this summer sharpening their career skills at fashion companies in Paris and California, and Turner could have the chance to become the American distributor for a luxury handbag company.

Lauren Turner visits one of the world's most famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower.
Lauren Turner visits one of the world’s most famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower.

“My upcoming assignment will be to promote DOGNIN through various fashion blogs and social media outlets to sell products through their e-boutique,” Turner said. “If successfully marketed, I will have the opportunity to become the company’s American distributor and future leader of their U.S.-based flagship and future boutiques.”

DOGNIN is a luxury handbag company in Paris that Turner became familiar with during her two-month internship with La Mode-Le Club. At La Mode-Le Club, Turner revamped the company’s Facebook page and was placed in charge of marketing the season’s social events. She wants to become a creative director or purchaser in the fashion industry, and is laying the foundation for her own jeans line.

“Internships such as these enrich the learning experience by allowing students to apply and expand the disciplines they have learned in the classroom to a dynamic business world, and are an important component of the learning experience at the Mike Cottrell School of Business,” said Dr. Donna Mayo, dean of the Mike Cottrell School of Business.

Laine Hoke takes some time to enjoy the view by San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
Laine Hoke takes some time to enjoy the view by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Laine Hoke was based in Los Angeles, in an internship with Brighton Collectibles, a prestigious company that sells handbags and other accessories.  She was the company’s first in-house intern, and planned several events for the company while rewriting a booklet used for marketing to potential buyers.

“Brighton Collectibles is a very reputable company both financially and as a global citizen,” Hoke said. “This internship was a great opportunity to network with other companies both in and out of the retail industry.”

This drive to succeed is commonly found among North Georgia business students, and Dr. Ruben Boling, director of the Center for the Future of North Georgia, feels Turner and Hoke have placed themselves in great position to begin strong careers.

“They pursued and secured internship opportunities on their own to increase their value in the marketplace, and the initiative they have shown will greatly benefit them in their pursuit of careers in the fashion industry,” Boling said.

Hoke and Turner are rising seniors at North Georgia. Hoke is majoring in business management. Turner is majoring in marketing while minoring in French and graphic design.

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