New mandatory program for business students prepares them for their careers

by Marissa Langston, junior marketing student and marketing intern, Mike Cottrell College of Business

“To be successful in today’s business environment, students need strong academics that they get at the university. However, it takes more than just superior academic backgrounds to be successful in a career. It requires them to be more professional in their actions and approaches. Graduates must be able to think on their feet, plan their work, and present themselves in a professional manner.” – Dr. Ruben Boling, Center for the Future of North Georgia

Starting in fall 2015, a new Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) for all BBA majors will be required, starting at the student’s sophomore year. The SPDP will advance the success of Mike Cottrell College of Business (MCCB) graduates. It is broken down into three phases that align with students’ academic career and target the development and improvement of the characteristics that regional business professionals indicated they would like to see more of from graduated students, in addition to emerging business trends and education.

explore business paths completed during the sophomore year, prepare for success completed during the junior year, and connect through relationships completed during the senior year

Students will be required to complete required and optional tasks within each category as a requirement for graduation. The activities will be available within UNG and the MCCB, and the program will be monitored by the CFNG. The programs include activities to help students develop their abilities to think on their feet, hold an intelligent and professional conversation, create a professional resume, and become more accountable, ethical, and passionate in their work. Upon completion of the SPDP, students will be more prepared beyond academics to exceed in both their personal and professional lives.

This new program will be a requirement for incoming sophomores in Fall 2015. Current business students are welcome to participate in some of the events to help them prepare for their future careers. For more information, please contact Elizabeth King.

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    1. There are a variety of options for students that support the needs of both students with and without professional experience. We will be publishing more information in the near future regarding the program and its structure.

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