Mike Cottrell School of Business welcomes new dean

Donna T. Mayo, dean of the Mike Cottrell School of Business
Donna T. Mayo, dean of the Mike Cottrell School of Business

Dr. Donna T. Mayo has joined Mike Cottrell School of Business as dean, bringing vast experience and a can-do mindset to a school on the cusp of growth and change.

“Dr. Mayo is a dynamic, engaging leader,” said Dr. Pat Donat, vice president for academic affairs at North Georgia. “She has the personal qualities and professional experience to guide the school’s consolidation and advancement efforts.”

During her 10 years at Dalton State College, Mayo led the School of Business’ effort to obtain AACSB accreditation. She held faculty positions at Middle Tennessee State University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has also served as a consultant to more than 20 national, regional and local organizations.

“I see many opportunities in MCSB,” Mayo said. “North Georgia’s pending consolidation with Gainesville State College, while a challenge, also offers tremendous opportunity in that the new institution will be greater than the sum of its parts. We will be increasing our footprint, merging two strong institutions of faculty and students, and expanding our ability to provide excellent educational services to our region.”

Mayo believes great opportunity also lies in the Center for the Future of North Georgia and the newly created BB&T Center for Ethical Business Leadership, stating that both centers offer the chance to engage the community on many levels. She is also looking forward to the fourth annual Cottrell Speaker Series, beginning on Sept. 6. It is this dynamic atmosphere of opportunity and change that drew her toward North Georgia.

Mayo was a non-traditional student and worked while she earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She obtained an MBA in marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a doctorate in marketing from the University of Alabama. Serving as dean of Dalton State College’s School of Business prior to her appointment at North Georgia, she said she had often heard of MCSB’s excellent reputation for its success and outstanding faculty and programs.

“Every positive thing I heard about MCSB has been reinforced by my experiences here,” Mayo said. “It has definitely been a highlight to meet the many people at North Georgia, Gainesville State, and Oconee. Meeting the people in the business community, working with the other deans and the administration, and seeing the atmosphere of cooperation between the many levels has been a wonderful experience, framed perfectly by the beautiful region of north Georgia.”

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