MCCB Students selected for BNY Mellon Student Fellows Program

Three members from the University of North Georgia’s Enactus team have been selected to participate in the 2017-2017 BNY Mellon Enactus Student Fellows Program.

The program is open to Enactus students across the United States, and 150 students were chosen from around the country this year. From the University of North Georgia (UNG) Enactus team, Grayson Anthony, Jose Del Rio Lopez and Jenny Toussaint were chosen to participate.

“We are proud to have three students in the newly expanded program,” said Katie Simmons, associate dean of students and undergraduate programs in the Mike Cottrell College of Business.

Selection was based on the student’s resume, engagement with their Enactus team, history of leadership and an essay on why the student should be selected.

Broken up into three phases, this certification program includes online courses in different competency areas: Project Management, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Financial Skills in a Free Market Economy. Participants will be recognized at the 2018 National Exposition in Kansas City, MO.

“The BNY Mellon Enactus Fellows program provides 150 Enactus students a chance to set themselves apart from other students,” Simmons said.

Among other benefits, the fellows will participate in a private reception with the Enactus National Board of Directors including top executives from companies including Unilever, Walmart, AIG, Dell, Ford, Microsoft and many others.

“I’m excited to attend the reception while we’re in Kansas City,” Anthony said.

As an international organization centered around entrepreneurial service-based projects, the organization strives to transform these opportunities into impactful progress for individual communities. The organization consists of over 1,700 teams in 36 countries.

“We can’t say enough good things about Enactus,” Anthony said.

Teams are responsible for creating projects throughout the year and take those projects with them to present at the national exposition. Team members such as Anthony and Del Rio Lopez have been able to travel multiple times at no cost to attend conferences.

“The cool thing for me is traveling and getting to meet people,” Lopez said. “So many people have found jobs because of Enactus.”

Anthony and Lopez were both able to land internships with Sam’s Club because of the connections they made through the organization. They both agree that their involvement in Enactus has benefited them in numerous ways and will continue to do so in the future.

“Through Enactus, you can tie community service to entrepreneurial action and to the business world,” Lopez said. “We get to meet many people with other ideas and opinions.”