MBA Student Moves to BB&T

The MBA staff and students at North Georgia congratulate MBA student Great Moore on a recent career move. Great will now serve as an Insurance Agent with BB&T Insurance Services. Working from the company’s Gainesville office, Great will focus on commercial insurance services.

In the interview below, Great explains how North Georgia’s MBA program prepared him for a career change and introduced him to a great company.

NGCSU MBA: How did you learn about BB&T Insurance Services?

Great: John Allison, retired BB&T CEO and Chairman, came to speak with us in September 2011 to discuss ethics and share with us his business philosophy.  As part of our requirement for our leadership class we were asked to review BB&T’s Mission and Core Values.  This was my first exposure to BB&T and would later lay the foundation for decision to change careers.

John Allison deeply impressed me with his drive and passion for not only BB&T, but his life in general. He has clearly internalized the mission and values of BB&T and his actions are in alignment with his words. BB&T is the kind of professional organization I strive to align myself with and the type of organization I could see clients drawn to.

My impression of BB&T is that is a team-based culture instead of a producer-based culture, really focused on integrity and the client. In other words, we use words like “we” or “us” instead of “I” or “me”.

NGCSU: What will you be responsible for in your new position?

Great: We have a solid reputation and commitment to excellence. Our team has the knowledge, resources and expertise to solve any number of brokerage, risk management and employee benefits challenges.

Specifically, I’ll be responsible for executing sales strategies, directing new business development and sales efforts, monitoring the results, quantifying the successes and shortfalls, and adjusting as needed. I’ll give our customers across the United States custom insurance programs tailored to their industry and their individual needs.

NGCSU: You’ve almost finished your MBA studies at North Georgia. Which skills from the program will be most helpful in your new career?

Great: The MBA program has sharpened my functional skills in marketing, finance, accounting and leadership. I am more comfortable with financial documents and business evaluations.

The primary key is that my key contacts will be CFOs, CEOs and other pivotal leaders within an organization. The MBA program has given me the tools and exposure to become a trusted professional financial advisor for our customer organizations.

NCGSU: Which leadership and teamwork lessons have you already put into practice?

Great: Our leadership course was rich with methods and case studies of how to be effective in many different organizations. Recently I had the opportunity to use our marketing courses to help define and develop the North American market for a Chinese manufacturer importing industrial packaging products. Our finance material helped me to better define certain markets, marketing lessons helped with our strategic approach, leadership courses helped us sell ideas internally as well as externally. I was also able to participate in a study abroad course to help with conducting business in China. I have been fortunate enough to use each of these lessons in some capacity over the past year.

NCGSU: Any advice for other young professionals thinking about earning an MBA?

Great: There is tremendous personal growth that can be obtained by investing the time and energy required to participate in this MBA program.

If you have any interest in becoming a better person and expanding your horizons, my advice would be to make the commitment. The course work is challenging and will stretch your mind, but with the right level of dedication, success here is within reach.

There is also tremendous support among the professors and students to ensure that those that want to be successful can be. The knowledge and experience that I have gained in the past 12 months has been invaluable.

The only regret I have is not starting sooner.

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