MBA Spotlight: Shannon Whiting

Finding himself moving up in management at SunTrust, Shannon Whiting decided it was time to pursue his MBA in order to gain invaluable knowledge and further propel his career.

Currently serving as an Information Security Officer Manager, he manages a team of people who serve as liaisons to their Wholesale and Enterprise Information Services segments.

Whiting’s decision to choose the Cottrell MBA was based on a few different factors including location, quality and price-point.

“It seemed UNG was always in the news and growing,” Whiting said. “I knew the Cottrell MBA was destined to success and will continue to grow.”

Being hesitant at first about the idea of being in a cohort, Whiting has been able to make connections and new friendships that could be proven beneficial in future business plans.

“I’ve been able to establish relationships that would not exist if I were moving through each semester with different classmates,” Whiting said.

Two weeks into his Leadership course with Dean Mayo, he was unexpectedly promoted to manager, something he believed would happen later in his career. Whiting says the class couldn’t have come at a better time.

Describing his experience in the program as exceptional, Whiting has been more than pleased with the professors and teachers who “pour their hearts into this program,” he said.

“I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the faculty was willing to go out of their way to help students in the MBA program,” Whiting said.

As far as the future goes, Whiting plans to continue developing his leadership skills at SunTrust while supporting his team to be the best they can be. He has found that he has been able to implement much of what he’s learned in his MBA classes and within the Technology Leadership specialization into the real world, and he foresees those lessons to continue benefiting him in future endeavors.

He has learned management and financial skills through the Cottrell MBA program that will aid him in achieving his goals.

“Post-graduation is a sweet thought,” Whiting said. “I’m excited about the doors that the Cottrell MBA will open up as I continue to move forward.”