MBA Spotlight: Katie Bennett

Katie Bennett

Katie BennettOur MBA students come from a variety of backgrounds. Katie Bennett, who graduated with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Statistics, decided it was necessary to get her MBA when she got the position of Procurement Manager for Rogers Electric. She said that her “undergraduate background was not centered on business at all, and attending UNG’s MBA program has really helped me bridge that gap.”

At Rogers Electric, Katie was asked to develop the department by putting standard operating procedures in place and working with the IT department to develop a user-interface that corresponded with the needs of the new procurement department. Katie is currently managing a team of 9 people, but this number will increase as the department grows.

Now that Katie is in a business oriented career, she stated that “I wanted to make sure that I had the skills sets and knowledge necessary to become a leading professional in her field.” She said that “UNG was an obvious pick for me because of the location. Additionally, UNG’s tuition was much more reasonably priced than that of many other MBA programs offered in the area.”

In the five classes she has taken so far, Katie has had the opportunity to really get to know the MBA program staff and her classmates. She is very impressed with the welcoming and inclusive environment that the MBA program provides. Coming into the program, Katie was a bit anxious that she would be lost or fall behind because she did not have an educational business background; however, she quickly realized there are several students in the same situation as her. She mentioned that, “the professors always stay mindful that the cohort is made up of such a diverse group of people, which she feels positively impacts the group.”

The MBA has already started to help Katie in her career. Classes like Leadership, Motivation, and Operations Management have added great value to her existing skill set. These courses have allowed her to “analyze operations from a different angle.”

Katie is excited to continue her MBA journey to find out what she is passionate about. “I anticipate that these experiences within the MBA program will help me formulate a clearer goal regarding what I would like to accomplish in the future.” For now, Katie thoroughly enjoys managing a team, so she is focused on strengthening her leadership skills through the MBA program.

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