MBA Jobs that Pay over $100K

MBA graduates working

MBA graduates workingNow that you have your MBA, what types of jobs should you apply for? (#Getthatmoney) While we can’t make promises on what your future career could be, here’s some idea of the opportunities out there for MBA grads and their average salaries:

  1. Applications Development Manager


Application development managers are responsible for a team that monitors, designs, analyzes, and creates an organization’s computer software programs (applications). It generally requires a business administration degree with focus in Computer Science along with advanced skills in management and strategic planning.

  1. Research and Development Manager


Research and Development managers organize, oversee, direct, prepare, and   coordinate research and development activities within an organization. The majority of research and development manager jobs require a MBA, MD, JD, or PhD.

  1. Corporate Controller


Corporate controllers are responsible for overseeing all of the financial aspects of financial procedures along with providing support for crucial accounting and public market processes. Minimum education requirements to be a corporate controller include a bachelor’s degree and CPA experience.

  1. Software Engineer Manager


Software engineer managers are in charge of a team who design and create software applications and operating systems. They also write requirements for the applications, execute and trace software developments (usually in a timeline), and consult features with product teams. It requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as computer science or software development, and typically requires five or more years of experience in computer science.

  1. Data Architect III


Data Architect IIIs (III is the level is based upon years of experience in the related field) are responsible for designing and building relational databases for storing data or dispensation. They also remove old data to keep systems up to date and monitor quality standards for the databases. Minimum education is a bachelor’s degree in a related field and typically requires four to six years of prior experience in the field.



Here are 4 jobs that aren’t quite over $100K in an annual salary, but they’re still pretty cool.

  1. Actuary III-IV


Actuaries in the level III and IV positions oversee analysis, pricing, and risk assessments in predicting financial outcomes of an organization. All level (I-IV) require a bachelor’s degree in a similar field such as accounting or finance management. Level III typically requires four to six years of experience in the field whereas Level IV requires six to eight years of experience.

  1. UX Manager


Ask someone in computer science or marketing about the importance of the user experience (UX) and they’ll tell you it’s the future of marketing. UX managers help lay out the customer’s user experience both online and offiline. It’s a great job for someone who is tech-savvy, design-centric and market-minded.

  1. ScrumMaster III


ScrumMasters facilitate and lead cross functional teams in performing development projects through principles of the Scrum framework. ScrumMasters actively relieve impediments within projects to ensure the group progresses in their sprints. Usually requires a bachelor’s degree along with a Scrum Master Certification (CSM) and Level III Scrum Masters need at least four to seven years of experience.

  1. Financial planning and analysis manager


Responsible for managing financial analysis projects and statistical studies. Most projects will predict potential investments along with general economic outcomes. This field requires a bachelor’s degree in the related field and at least seven years of experience within the field.