Time to Account for 32 Years of Service

Martha Merritt seen with former deans Max Burns and Dr. Larry Dennis.

More than three decades ago, Professor Emeritus and former dean Dr. Larry Dennis made what he deems as one of the best decisions of his career – hiring Martha Merritt.  On April 30, faculty, staff, alumni and students gathered for a virtual celebration of Martha’s accomplishments over 32 years of service to the University, the College of Business and, most importantly to the thousands of students whose lives she touched over the years.

The speech Dr. Larry Dennis gave at this special highlighted the impact Martha made in her long and productive career:

“Martha, it does not seem like 32 years since you came to Dahlonega for your interview. And now, you are retiring. How many students have been taught and advised by you?

You have been a wonderful teacher. I know: I reviewed your student evaluations for 10 years. I observed your interactions with students. Both in the halls and when off-campus at professional gatherings. You were respected. Your advice was sought.

You set high standards for your students. Then you led them and pushed them to achieve. You used a gentle, congratulatory pat on the back when earned. You also used a swift kick in the seat of the pants when necessary.

The Nu Gamma chapter of Beta Alpha Psi founded in 2013.

Not only did you teach accounting by assignments and lecture, you taught professionalism by example. You showed what it means to be a professional.

You spent countless hours with professional organizations —  the Georgia Association of Accounting Educators, and the GSCPAs at the state and chapter levels. You assumed many leadership rolls. You worked with VITA and Beta Alpha Psi. All these efforts enriched the college experiences of your students and increased their opportunities.

In your spare time you also found a husband and raised three great kids.

Martha, you have been a great colleague and a valued friend.

Congratulations on a job “Well Done!”  May you have a long and happy retirement.”

Dr. Larry Dennis, Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of the School of Business and Government at North Georgia College and State University.

If you would like to send well wishes to Martha Merritt on the occasion of her retirement, you can email her at martha.merritt@ung.edu.

Gifts can also be made in her honor for the benefit of students through the MCCB Dean’s Excellence Fund by clicking here.