Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for a last-minute Halloween costume, but you also want to display your Mike Cottrell College of Business pride??

We came up with four easy DIY costumes that can reflect your business major:

  1. Monkey Business

Just take any business suit or dress shirt and tie with slacks and add a monkey mask! So easy and who doesn’t like punny costumes?






  1. Quick Books

This is for all you accounting majors out there… Dress up like a runner (gym shorts, t-shirt or tank top, and maybe a retro sweatband) and carry around one of your text books (probably a tax accounting book because that’ll give you the best workout). Voila! You are now Quickbooks!




  1. Social Butterfly

This costume is super easy and pretty inexpensive. You just have to print out the different social media logos and tape them to any shirt you have, and then either make (or buy) a pair of butterfly wings. Now you’re a social butterfly! Maybe this outfit will come in handy at your next networking event.




  1. Any Businessman or Businesswoman

For those who waited until the last, last minute before that costume party… Just dress up as a businessman or businesswoman and say you’re the CEO of any company. Or better yet, you could say that you’re Bruce Wayne or Clarke Kent because they’re a little more cool.


Hopefully we inspired you with some pretty rad costume ideas, and if not, then you could always go as someone from the Office #BearsBeetsBattleStarGalactica

We hope all of you have a spooky and safe Halloween!