Kam Thomas Throckmorton will make a fashion statement at Confidence UNG

by Kylie Gibbs, marketing intern, Mike Cottrell College of Business
Style isn’t just about the look. It’s about confidence.

We are honored to have Kam Thomas Throckmorton join us for Confidence UNG, a women’s confidence and leadership conference that will be held on the Dahlonega campus March 31st. Recently named “Atlanta’s Best Personal Stylist” by Best Self Atlanta Magazine and CBS Atlanta in addition to being featured in JEZEBEL’s “Glam Patrol,” Kam will lead attendees through a workshop entitled “Dress Like You Mean It.”

Kam is the face and fashion of Glam Kam, an Atlanta-based company that offers everything from closet edits to personal shopping and trip packing. Kam is a fashion stylist who graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Social Work. She uses her experiences in research toward her unique mission and brand.

Glam Kam is focused on “elevating women’s confidence through the transformative power of clothing and style.” Kam realized her love of fashion at a young age after taking advantage of her mom’s amazing wardrobe. However, as she grew, now standing over 6 feet tall, a challenge presented itself. It was harder to be stylish clothing with a limited size category. Though struggling, she was unwilling to give her sense of style. She was unwavering in her pursuit to learn the best looks for her body shape. From her determination, Glam Kam was born.

Kam and her mission go far beyond personal styling and luxury logos. She is interested in building brands and inspiring passion in people.  She is currently serving s the Chief Stylist for Zenzii, a fashion accessory brand. In her role, Kam keeps up with the latest trends and using this, influences their product line. No matter what service, Kam’s goal for her clients to allow them to experience the transformative power of a good outfit. She wants women to exude confidence in whatever their arena, whether it be on the boardroom floor or the sidelines of the soccer field.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot for Confidence UNG. Sign up by visiting our website.

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