Cottrell MBA Spotlight: James Welch

James Welch

James WelchIn the Cottrell MBA program, we have working professionals that come from a variety of companies, including James Welch, Master Data Lead at The Coca-Cola Company.

James is currently a contract employee in charge of coordinating data loads with the Coke One North America team to ensure that all data is accurately loaded in SAP. He also works with bottlers to understand their data requirements. Furthermore, he creates cross company project plans and ensures that project milestones are complete and in alignment with the master transition plan.

James decided to pursue an MBA for both personal and professional development. When asked why he chose UNG, he replied, “as a busy working professional, who is still seeking a classroom environment, the Cottrell MBA was a perfect fit. The campus is within twenty minutes of my home, and classes are held twice a week, minimizing the days I take away from my home life.” James also knew several of the past graduates and he witnessed the value that the MBA added to their career.

Thus far, James has had a very positive experience with the Cottrell MBA program. His professors have been very good at taking the material and applying it in real world settings. He has gained a lot of value from group projects that “apply skill sets in real world situations.” He is also finding a new perspective when it comes to courses like accounting, which he thought to be fairly dry as an undergraduate. His professor, Dr. Best, was great at getting his accounting class engaged in the material.

When we asked James how he has been able to utilize what he has learned so far, a particular class stood out to him: Leadership. While taking Dr. Walker’s class, James was able to take away many new skills and insights on how to engage with different people. He has used his new skills “to build on his relationships and strengthen his ability to motivate across different company teams.” He now has an increased understanding of their “different motivations as well as the objectives they are operating under.”

In addition to the classroom experience, Welch is thankful for the networking opportunities he’s found through the Cottrell MBA. Beyond just the various networking opportunities available through the MBA, James has built new relationships with his classmates, providing different viewpoints, and networking with the College’s professors. Dr. Ruben Boling, director of the College’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is helping him develop his personal brand.

After graduation, James hopes to continue to grow his career. In the short term, he is seeking a position as a planning manager or a supply chain manager. In the long term, he hopes to continue his education and potentially teach at the collegiate level one day. James believes that his “MBA will help to continue to open new doors.”

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