Internship Spotlight: Stephan Morgan, Novagradac & Company, LLP

Mike Cottrell College of Business student and senior accounting major Stephan Morgan poses in the lobby of Novagradac and Company, LLP.

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Have you ever wondered how your peers land internships at prestigious companies? Stephan Morgan, senior accounting major, shed some light on how he landed an internship with Novogradac & Company, LLP. In his current role, he completes audit engagements for various partnerships, conducts business specific research, gathers and analyzes data, interprets results, and compiles reports for clients.

We asked Stephan how he was successful in procuring his internship and his reply was, “I owe this internship to Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) at UNG. I first met with a principal from Novogradac three years ago at a BAP banquet where we sat at the same table and talked over dinner. I stayed in contact with her throughout the years at various BAP events, and I was eventually contacted about an internship opportunity.”

As far as being prepared for his internship, Stephan said that, “I can pull from something I have learned in almost every class I’ve taken in the Mike Cottrell College of Business.” Of course, all of his accounting classes have been very beneficial. However, he also learned a lot of important business skills from his management and business communications classes. These courses have given him some insight when it comes to dealing with particular situations down to composing a well-written email.

If you are pursuing an internship, Stephan encourages you to network and stay in contact with the people in your network. He also stressed the importance of getting involved and building your resume; “Being involved shows that you know how to multitask and find a good work-life balance.” By being a part of Beta Alpha Psi, he “learned soft skills through the professional development meetings, had numerous opportunities to travel, network, and deepen his understanding of the accounting world.” Stephan said, “I honestly believe that without BAP I would not be set up for such success like I am today.”

Through his hard work, dedication, and the connections that he was able to foster through the Mike Cottrell College of Business, Stephan was able to land an incredible internship. Prior to the final version of this article, Stephan said that, “The skills that he has gained in this internship will be extremely valuable for his future endeavors.” Indeed, this rings true, as Stephan was recently hired by Novogradac & Company, LLP.

 In the future, he plans to “continue his work in the public accounting world at Novogradac & Company, LLP, and begin his journey towards obtaining his CPA license.”

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