Internship Spotlight: Niki Pruitt

If you think your part-time job throughout college doesn’t matter, think again. Niki Pruitt, a senior finance major, scored an internship with The Home Depot’s corporate office after working in one of their retail stores for almost four years.

She saw the advertisement for the internship program in the break room and decided to pursue it.

In addition to applying, Niki also  took advantage of the opportunity to network with Adriana Avella, HR director of services at The Home Depot, at one of UNG’s annual career fairs. She was offered the internship shortly after. She will work as a merchandising intern at the corporate office in Atlanta this summer.

Niki serves as the President of the Cottrell Scholars program on the Gainesville Campus. The Cottrell Scholars program places an emphasis on student involvement beyond the classroom. Students are required to complete 24 hours of service divided equally between service to the university, service to the community and professional development.

In addition to her involvement with Cottrell Scholars and her coursework, Niki is excited about completing the PROS student professional development program. “The PROS program is a wonderful way to get involved outside of the typical classroom setting and learn from real professionals. I’ve even learned more about myself through the personality test,” she said.

Niki understands the value of internships that can help kick-start a career after graduation. “Internships provide students with experience and hands-on learning that you can’t always get inside the classroom. Internships now lead to jobs in the future!”

Niki will graduate in December with her undergraduate finance degree and hopes to continue working with The Home Depot.