Internship Spotlight: Melanie Powell

Melanie Powell

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

A degree in business is truly applicable in any field. Melanie Powell, a senior marketing major with a minor in biology, uses her degree everyday in her internship with ProCare Rx, a pharmaceutical company in Gainesville.

Melanie is interning as a Marketing Clerk and takes on many different tasks. Her key day-to-day activities include: maintaining the RFP database, increasing efficiency, and producing information sheets that are distributed to clients when they are diagnosed with new diseases.

So far, this internship has allowed Melanie to gain a lot of experience in the corporate world. Her dream was to be able to combine her two passions – Healthcare and Marketing. This internship in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company does just that. She enjoys getting to show her creative side when she provides input on marketing ideas.

Melanie received a lot of help from her internship coordinator when it came to finding her internship, preparing her resume and practicing for her interview. Her Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing classes equipped her with necessary skills her for this internship. Melanie said that Consumer Behavior has helped her, “understand the corporate world not only from the company view, but from the view of the consumer” and the digital marketing course allowed her “to understand proper layouts as well as social media insights.”

Melanie believes that an internship is “definitely worth it because you learn and gain crucial experience before you graduate.” Moreover, “an internship shows motivation and ambition that looks very impressive to future employers.”

When we interviewed Melanie, she was in the process of discussing a position with her internship after graduation. Since then, she was offered a job for the Digital Marketing and Inside Sales position. It is safe to say that, “ Internships are definitely worth it!” She is extremely excited and she “can’t wait to see what the future unfolds.”

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