Internship Spotlight: Kristina Schleicher

If you could intern in Germany, would you? Kristina Schleicher, a Senior Business Management Major, and Spanish minor would! She interned this past summer with Elementum, a supply chain company in Munich, Germany.

Kristina is the marketing intern for Elementum. She works with the client expertise team to market numerous projects for the company. During her day-to-day activities, Kristina analyzes many datasets for companies through Excel. Kristina credits her Computer systems class for making her proficient in Excel.

Kristina received a brochure about this internship opportunity in her German class. She found it very intriguing, so she applied for it. Kristina knows that prior experience is vital when applying for a job. This is why she decided to pursue an internship. Kristina gives credit to PROS for helping her enhance her resume and to her information systems course for helping her become proficient in Excel for landing her this internship.

When asked what advice she would give to students seeking internships, Kristina replied, “I highly recommend learning a foreign language. Being at least bilingual can open more doors than if you only spoke one language. If I had not taken a German course, I would have not had the opportunity to be an intern in Germany.”

Kristina is fluent in English, German, and Spanish. After graduation, Kristina would like to work for an international company so that she may continue to utilize her knowledge of these varying languages. Kristina finds supply chain and logistics very interesting. She hopes she can find a company in these two industries; however, she will be happy with any international opportunity she is given.