Internship Spotlight: Kayla Watson

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by Sam Young, marketing intern & junior marketing major, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Senior marketing major Kayla Watson is using her passion for fashion this summer in her internship with Dress Up Boutique. We spoke to her about her experience thus far.

What made you interested in doing this internship?
I am an upcoming senior year Marketing major with a love for fashion marketing, and, a few years ago, I fell in love with this company named Dress Up Boutique. I loved their mission to make a Godly difference in every girl’s life that they came in contact with. When I changed my major to marketing at the Mike Cottrell College of Business, I knew immediately I wanted to become an intern at Dress Up Boutique. I heard about how the Mike Cottrell College of Business allows you to use internships outside of the school for class credit, and I signed up immediately.

How did you get your internship?
I actually applied for a different internship position at Dress Up Boutique before I even knew about my current position. The lady I interviewed with thought the internship position I have now would be better suited for me than the one I was interviewing for. Just like that I got my current position as an intern for the brilliant Visual Merchandiser, Lauren Fuegal!

What is your role?
My role at Dress Up Boutique is being an assistant to the head of Visual Merchandising. I do anything from making PowerPoint presentations on the new trends, sorting out inventory, making decorations for the stores, and much more. I pretty much do a little bit of everything! It is an amazing internship that I love and I am so blessed by God to have.

What skills have you learned in your classes that could be applied to your internship?
Oh wow, so many skills I have learned in my classes can be applied to my internship. Being open to innovation is essential in my internship. I have to always be willing to follow my boss and her new creative ideas to help the company to grow. Marketing the layout of the store to make customers want to shop more is something I learned in one of my marketing classes. This skill is essential as an intern in visual merchandising. Mostly though, I have learned in my classes to be attentive, open to learn new skills, organized in my personal and work life, and be kind to everyone around me to create a positive work environment. I have found that if you do not master these skills, your work life will not be as successful as you wish it to be. The entire Dress Up Boutique Company does an outstanding job at all of these.

What skills have you learned in the position and how could you work on them for the future?
I have learned so many skills from my position already. I have learned that being flexible is important. When you have a job, you will likely have to do many things that are not in your job description. You have to be open to that. I have also gained crafting skills. This sounds silly, but in the fashion marketing world, everything is visual. I have already made three store sets for each of the stores that Dress Up Boutique owns, as well as set up displays for my boss to look through. This would have been difficult for me if I was not visual-oriented and thought outside the box when it comes to crafting. This is a skill I am continuing to work on, so that way in the future I can impress my boss with my skill set and exceed their expectations.

Could you see yourself in this position in the future?
I could definitely see myself in a similar yet more advanced position to my internship now. I love how every day is a new challenge and opportunity. This position has given the opportunity for my creativity and my love for dreaming big to shine! Having this internship has shown me that this is the type of job I’d love to do in the future!

Why do you think that completing an internship is important?
Completing an internship gives you skills that future employers are looking for that you cannot get from just going to class. Anyone who is considering you as a potential employee in their company will see that you have worked hard to complete not only college, but an internship in your field as well. This will show them that you are motivated, talented, and a hard worker who is up for the challenge. With an ever changing business world that is only looking forward, having a hard working and flexible employee is a treasure.

What tips do you have for other students looking to get an internship?
To anyone looking to get an internship, I would say to be open. It may seem daunting at first, but doing an internship has so many benefits for your future. Whether that be gaining new skills or networking with people in your desired field, all of these can only help make your career better. Also, don’t be discouraged if you do not find an internship right away. It might take some time and dedication to get one, but that shows you have ambition and drive which will be impressive to your new boss when you do get an internship. Lastly, be yourself and do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Do not give up on your dreams. Take a chance to go for your dream internship and show them what is so special about you and what makes you so different than the other candidates. Being yourself, working hard, and having dedication are what will develop you into the incredible business man or woman God has made you to be!

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