Internship Spotlight: Ethan Webster

Ethan Webster stands in front of Georgia Power sign

by Sam Young, marketing intern & junior marketing major, Mike Cottrell College of Business

After the recommendation of a family member, senior accounting major Ethan Webster scored an internship with one of Georgia’s leading companies, Georgia Power.

What made you interested in doing this internship?

I knew I wanted to have an internship this summer, so I looked around and when the opportunity with Georgia Power came up I took it. It is a company that carries a great reputation and is providing a service that everyone uses every day.

How did you get your internship?

I learned about the opportunity from a family member. From there, I applied for the position, interviewed with Georgia Power and was accepted into the program.

What is your role?

My job title is Revenue Accounting Intern. I am assisting employees on a variety of projects. One of my main efforts is to input the House Bill 308 tax exemptions into the company’s system, and change addresses in the database when a city becomes incorporated. I do a wide variety of other tasks, but my main focus is on the tax exemptions.

What skills have you learned in your classes that could be applied to your internship?

My accounting courses have helped me a lot. Both of my introductory accounting classes as well as tax accounting have been essential so far. Business communications also has helped because the class prepared me to communicate in a business environment. It really showed me that the soft skills that I had learned in class are really vital to success in business.

What skills have you learned in your position and how could you work on them for the future?

I have learned about all the different kinds of billing rates, how they are calculated, how the company accounts for revenue and how they interpret it based on forecasting models. I think this sort of knowledge will help me in the future at Georgia Power or with other organizations.

Georgia Power also has a lot of acronyms, so there has definitely been a learning curve with knowing what each of them mean. They actually gave me a sheet with the definitions of all of them which helped a lot.

Could you see yourself in this position in the future?

I could absolutely see myself working at Georgia Power in the future. It is a great company that hires even better people who are really helpful and approachable.

What tips do you have for other students looking to get an internship?

Ask around. Networking is an important part of finding the right internship. Whether it be a fellow student, professor, or even a family member, you never know who has a connection that could help you land a great internship.

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