Internship Spotlight: Connor Moore

What if you started your dream career at age 14? Connor Moore, a senior marketing major, has been in the automotive industry since age 14 and has been selling cars full-time since he was 18 years old. Connor even knew where he wanted to work – at General Motors.

Recently, Connor has been transitioning into business development and social media management at Hayes Automotive in Oakwood, Georgia. At his previous job, he managed the dealership’s Facebook account and grew the community by 2000 followers through promoting company-wide and local events.

Through his extensive work experience, Connor was able to complete an alternative plan for PROS, yet he still remains involved with the program. “I am a PROS ambassador because I believe in the skills PROS aims to teach the students at UNG,” he said. After working alongside sales teams with diverse educational backgrounds, Connor thinks that everyone should complete a program similar to PROS to gain professional skills and networking opportunities.

Connor encourages students to “find an internship that will help build your resume and give you skills that will help in the long run.” He said the best thing students can do is “be a sponge and soak up everything, from the way people speak on the phone to what professionals wear in a business setting.”

Outside of his career and schoolwork, Connor is a coach at West Forsyth for the 6th and 7th grade Select Lacrosse team. He will graduate with his undergraduate marketing degree in May and plans to continue his career in the automotive industry.