Internship Spotlight: Christine Shearer

Have you ever wondered if attending Career Fairs and Info Sessions will actually make a difference when applying for internships and jobs? Christine Shearer, a senior information systems major, took advantage of one of UNG’s Career Information Sessions in Spring 2018 and it paid off.

After speaking to Adriana Avella, a senior human resources manager with The Home Depot, Christine was hired as a merchandising intern for Summer 2018. Christine’s future began with The Home Depot when she was hired as a sales associate in the company’s Dahlonega storefront. Through her connections at the retail store, she was able to stand out among other students that applied.

During her internship, Christine spent the first half of her day returning emails and attending meetings with some of Home Depot’s top executives in her department. Christine noted that she was able to venture out of the office after lunch and visit other Home Depot locations to interview store managers.

“My job was to fix problems with store-front signage. So I was able to travel to different locations and talk to store associates to learn more about what problems they were having with their signage,” Christine stated.

When asked what advice she would give to students seeking internships, Christine replied, “networking is the biggest thing that will help. If you’re not afraid to reach out to someone you might not know and create relationships with people, you will be successful in finding a good internship.”

After completing her internship, Christine was hired as a product manager for The Home Depot’s corporate office. She will begin her career there in June, following her graduation.