Internship Spotlight: Cameron Barker

When you think luxury vehicles, what brand name comes to mind? Maybe Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, or Aston Martin. Or, Porsche. The quality of a Porsche is incomparable to many other vehicles and according to Road & Track, the second most luxurious vehicle you can own. With every new model, Porsche strives to translate performance into speed and success in the most intelligent way possible.

Many students would do almost anything to work for a company like Porsche as an intern. Cameron Baker is doing just that as an intern for Porsche Cars North America.

Cameron Barker, a junior finance major, is currently the marketing communications intern for Porsche Cars North America in Atlanta, GA. In his internship, Cameron is assisting in finance, marketing, operations, and communications. Cameron is helping to improve workflow practices, integrating technology, planning and analyzing inventory, and budgeting for events, projects and research. Cameron is being trained in SAP software, procurement, and brand specialization. When asked what he is looking forward to during his internship, he replied, “Learning from the company management, meeting various departments in Porsche, and developing relationships with Porsche customers.”

Cameron was attending a networking event at the Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) when he heard about the Porsche internship. Cameron credits his passion for cars and experience in finance for landing his position. Cameron wanted to pursue an internship to test the technical skills he’s learned in the classroom in an organization. In addition to his courses, Cameron credits the PROS Program for enhancing his skills. When asked to elaborate, Cameron said, “The PROS Program allowed me to hear local professional’s career paths, participate in job fairs, and practice interview skills.” Cameron credits these opportunities to what prepared him for his internship.

Cameron is a part of Beta Alpha Psi and the Honors Program at UNG. Cameron added, “These two organizations gave me opportunities for personal and professional growth.” To continually grow in his field, Cameron tries to be actively involved in volunteer opportunities and research projects. After he graduates in December of 2019, Cameron hopes to continue his career in the automotive industry. Cameron’s dream is to hold an executive position in the corporate world.