Internship Spotlight: Ben Blount

Imagine getting to go into work and talk about parties every single day. Ben Blount, a senior marketing major with a concentration in digital marketing, spent last summer doing just that in Rockaway, New Jersey as an intern with Party City’s corporate offices.

Ben started out working at a Party City retail store in his hometown. He explained that this helped him stand out during the application process. As a marketing intern with Party City, he worked directly with the company’s Social Media Manager.

“My main job as part of the marketing team was to research Party City’s social media channels, along with their competitors, make competitive audits of our findings, come up with recommendations and then present our recommendations to marketing executives,” Ben said. In addition to his daily tasks, Ben created the company’s official employee hashtag, #PartyCityLife.

Ben met several of Party City’s top executives and made many friends that he knows he will keep up with for life. “I really recommend that students apply for internships out-of-state. It can be really intimidating but it gives you chance to put yourself out there and really explore new possibilities.”

He is almost finished with PROS and credits the program for enhancing his professional development. Ben said that “being involved in the PROS program helped encourage (him) to pursue an internship.”

Ben will graduate with his undergraduate marketing degree with a concentration in digital marketing in May and hopes to continue a career in social media.