Intern Spotlight: Laura Beth Snipes, Reach Records

Laura Beth Snipes poses in front of artwork near her office at Reach Records

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

At the Mike Cottrell College of Business, we focus on creating value for future employers by building strong graduates ready to take on the world. One of the ways that we do that is through meaningful internships and corporate partnerships.

Senior marketing major Laura Beth Snipes was selected this spring as an intern at Reach Records, a faith-based record company co-founded by Ben Washer and Grammy-Award winning artist Lecrae. Through this internship, Laura Beth has been able to combine her two passions: music and creative marketing.

Daily, Laura Beth gets to do a number of activities: creating graphics and execute email campaigns, help create and design content for social media, attend and contribut to digital and marketing team scrum meetings, and other tasks like photography and helping with planning artist events. Laura Beth said that she has been “so blessed to intern here and every day is something new.” Laura Beth’s internship at the record label has solidified the fact that she wants to focus on music marketing as a career.

Her classes at UNG have been a tremendous help throughout her internship, especially the graphic design classes she has taken for her minor. Without those classes, she wouldn’t have been able to do half the things she has done in her internship, such as photography and graphical content creation. From the marketing side, courses like marketing management, marketing research, and strategic management have been a big help.

Because Laura Beth wants to pursue a career in music marketing, her internship has enhanced her value to potential employers in the music industry. She said that her internships both at Reach Records and formerly her internship in the Mike Cottrell College of Business have also taught her how to step outside of the box to solve problems and how to be confident in her abilities.

As Laura Beth looks forward to graduating in May, she has some words of encouragement for future graduates. She begins with a quote from her favorite band, the Avett Brothers. The quote goes: “Decide what to be and be it.” She really believes it is as simple as that. She encourages students to, “Work hard and give what you love your all, and that will get you wherever you want to be. Some people make up excuses for not being able to do something, but I promise that you will never know if you never try. Hard work and persistence pays dividends in more ways than one.”

When you are looking for opportunities, it is important to take advantage of your resources. Laura Beth attributes a lot of her connections to her professors. She encourages you to “talk to your professors and get to know them, as well as respect them, because their connections could be of great value to you one day.”

As far as the future goes, Laura Beth is open to the crazy opportunities and adventures that may present themselves. She would love to be able to say that she will make it to Nashville and go straight into the music industry, but she knows that life is unpredictable. She has worked hard to make it this far, and she will continue to work hard to pursue her dreams.

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