Incoming MBA Students Prepare for Retreat

Starting August 19, the Cottrell MBA program will begin its next cohort of business leaders seeking a Master of Business Administration degree.  However, before the fun begins this fall, students are invited to the Cumming campus to be introduced to one another and receive their first experiences as future graduates of the Cottrell MBA program.

“The MBA retreat provides an opportunity for students to get to know each other,” said Kelli Crickey, Cottrell MBA Director for the Mike Cottrell College of Business. “By allowing students to meet each other and participate in teambuilding activities before starting the semester, students have the opportunity to learn more about themselves regarding experiences, leadership styles and teamwork skills.”

On July 26, incoming MBA students are required to attend the Cottrell MBA Retreat, a two-day event that allows students to become acquainted and become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses regarding leadership and teamwork.  Starting at 4 PM on that Friday, students are introduced to each other and receive information regarding the program including an overview, program structure, expectations for each student and graduate of the Cottrell MBA and opportunities to meet with administrators from the Mike Cottrell College of Business.  Following the initial meeting, students attend a dinner where they have additional time to socialize and engage with their soon-to-be classmates.

After an overnight stay on Saturday, students participate in leadership assessments and team building activities throughout the day.  Both the assessment and activities provide each student with guidance on where their strengths and weaknesses as business leaders lie and opportunities for improvement to prepare for the upcoming academic year.  In the afternoon, students break and are then encouraged to invite a guest to dinner that evening near the Cumming campus.  During dinner, students will be encouraged by a guest speaker (TBA) on the expectations of MBA graduates in the market place.

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