HOW YOU CAN HELP US Build Strong Graduates

The vision for the Mike Cottrell College of Business for the past five years has been to build Strong Graduates and Strong Communities. We invite you to join us in continuing to create strong graduates who will go out and build strong communities. Here are some ways you can support us to make that vision come to life.


Students to:

• Participate in study abroad experiences in places like London and Italy

• Attend student professional conferences to represent the Mike Cottrell College of Business and network with professionals in their fields

• Represent the College in competitions that hone their critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills

• Pay for textbook scholarships to help reduce the cost of college for students

Faculty to:

• Receive curriculum development grants that ensure students receive cutting-edge knowledge and experiences in the classroom

• Receive summer research grants that enable faculty to be thought leaders in their disciplines

• Travel to present their scholarship at professional meetings, building the reputation of the College and University

Your gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund can be a one-time gift or a monthly pledge. A gift of $25 a month for 12 months would help support a student’s study abroad experience or a faculty member’s professional development. Your gift of $1,000 would provide the funds for a student (or two) to participate in a student leadership conference or in a competition, or support a faculty member’s summer research activities. A pledge of $25,000 paid over five years can endow a student scholarship. The opportunities are endless.

Feel free to reach out to Dean Mary Gowan at to learn more about giving opportunities, or go online at to make a gift or pledge. Thank you for including us in your giving! Your gifts truly do make a difference in the quality of our programs and the success of our students.