Graduating seniors share their experiences in the Mike Cottrell College of Business

Photo Above: 2016 Commencement

A number of graduating seniors have jobs lined up for after graduation on May 5 in a variety of fields. We asked a few students how the Mike Cottrell College of Business has prepared them to be successful in their careers.

Jake Chandler – Client Service Assistant at Sterling Seacrest Partners

“The Mike Cottrell College of Business (MCCB) has seriously molded and prepared me for my career. At MCCB, I have been able to lead others and pursue topics of interest. Throughout research projects and presentations, I have developed professional skills. Dr. Robin Sexton, assistant professor of management, was influential as I prepared to formally apply to Sterling Seacrest Partners. Her professionalism and commitment to excellence pushed me to pursue the job wholeheartedly.”

Mark Werner – Software Engineer at The Home Depot

“The Mike Cottrell College of Business and the Cottrell Scholars have given me an array of tools in my tool belt for my job with The Home Depot. My position within the Cottrell Scholars has taught me the importance of leadership and teamwork and my time in the College has given me the technological skill set to be successful as an engineer.”

Jourdan Beverly – HR Generalist at King’s Hawaiian

“I was connected with King’s Hawaiian during the job fair held back in February, so I completely credit getting this position to the Mike Cottrell College of Business. Also, the great staff of professors within the college have given me resume and interview advice throughout my college career (most notably Hugh Scott and Dr. Mark Jordan), and I’ll forever be grateful to them for helping me out even when it wasn’t class related.”

Allison Talbert – Client Support Analyst at Surgical Information Systems

“The Mike Cottrell College of Business has prepared me extremely well for what I will be doing in my role at Surgical Information Systems. When I first switched my major to information systems, I did not know much about the field. My first class was Application Development with Dr. Mady, and this course made me fall in love with the technological industry. The information systems program gives students a balance of both the business and technology sides of information systems so that they can thrive in the business world today.”