Graduate Spotlight: Caleb Cartledge

By Kylie Gibbs, marketing intern, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Name: Caleb Cartledge

Degree & Graduation Year: BBA in Accounting, 2015

Title: Controller, Hailo Wind Systems USA, Inc.

What is your role? What do you do in your role? I am currently employed with Hailo Wind Systems USA Inc. as the Controller. As a company, we service the wind energy industry by manufacturing ladders and service lifts for wind turbine towers. My role encompasses everything from the basic and more advanced accounting functions of the company, in-depth analysis of the company’s operations, to exploring what can be done to improve the business.

 What is your favorite part of your job? The company is based out of Germany with subsidiaries in the United States (our location), South America, and China. I have been able to travel to Germany and have continuous interaction with people from other cultures and countries, which is probably my favorite aspect of the job.

 How did you get your position? When I graduated in May 2015, I moved home and a family friend who happened to work with the local government of my hometown called me to see if I was interested in an accounting position with a local manufacturing plant. I was given the opportunity of an interview, accepted the job, and started the following week as Jr. Controller. After the first four months in the position, I was promoted to Controller of the Wind Business Unit.

 What was the interview process like? The interview was a singular, exclusive question and answer session with the CEO of the company.

 How do you feel like the MCCB prepared you for your career? The Mike Cottrell College of Business has prepared me for success in many ways. The course work, especially specific to accounting, has allowed me to apply certain principles to everyday applications, allowed me to continually refine time management skills, and has aided me in thinking quickly on my feet. The professors from my college career have also helped shape my work ethic and have given me great tools for continuing my accounting career in present and future endeavors. Beta Alpha Psi also helped play a big role in my confidence going into interviews and networking in general.

 What are the 3 biggest things you have learned in the business world so far? 

  1. You will make mistakes, learn from them!
  2. Your attitude will shape your career and your work relationships.
  3. Never say never because you probably will end up doing what you said you would not.

 If you could go back and tell yourself anything in college, what would it be? I would definitely tell myself to take a German language course.

 What is the best advice you could give current college students? Simply enjoy it! Also, join an organization such as Beta Alpha Psi or Enactus and get involved. These organizations are major confidence builders that I would 100% recommend. Lastly, always ask around in your neighborhood when on the search for a new job. Networking is the biggest key to success after graduation.

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