Graduate Spotlight: Bree Kinkade

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

Obtaining a great job right out of college is every college student’s dream, so we asked a recent graduate, Bree Kinkade, to tell us how she managed to do just that. Bree attributed her success to the knowledge and skills that she gained from her degree, internship, and involvement in the American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter at UNG.

Bree KinkadeBree earned her BBA in Marketing in December of 2016, and started her job as a State Farm sales representative in January of 2017. She is responsible for ensuring that people and their families are properly protected with insurance. Bree is licensed to sell life, accident, sickness, and property & casualty insurance. She said that she has thoroughly enjoyed her job knowing that she is helping people. She finds the most rewarding part of her job to be the conversations that end with customers thanking her for her guidance.

Bree’s marketing degree aided in her job search by helping her understand the importance of highlighting her abilities gained through her degree. She had experience in various topics including: marketing research, sales, consumer behavior, advertising, and management. Her potential employers were all extremely impressed with the flexibility and versatility of her degree. Bree often finds herself flipping through old notes, especially from her personal selling class, when closing sales or asking for referrals.

Bree’s internship at State Farm Corporate within the Strategic Resources Department further enhanced her value to potential employers. Her responsibilities included data analysis and composing written reports. She said, “that in her employer’s eyes her internship signified that she had some experience, was able to work efficiently with a team, and that she was eager to learn and develop her future.”

Bree gained a lot of knowledge through her involvement in AMA. She learned the importance of networking and keeping a consistent brand message. In addition to all of the skills she acquired during her time at AMA, Bree cultivated relationships with other members that will last a lifetime.

We also asked Bree to name some of the resources at UNG that she found to be helpful when thinking about her future after graduation. Her response was simple, her professors. She said, “that they were willing to meet with her in order to help her develop her resume, skills and potential.”

Bree encourages us to, “treasure every moment of college because it flies by.” In addition, she encourages us to get involved, start the job hunt early, use the resources available to us as students, and to “always remember that the education we received at the University of North Georgia has prepared us for success.”

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